Back to Basics Series : Part 4 Rose Leaf Cutter

Back to Basics Series : Part 4 Rose Leaf Cutter Holly Christmas tree Wreath Fondant toppers tutorial free
Welcome to Part 4 of my Back To Basics series! This edition is a little over due, but you know that's what happens when I make cakes for my daughter in-between blog posts! (More on her cake during the week)  

Well I have to say it has been so much fun exploring the 6 different shapes included in the popular 18 piece cutter set currently available from Kmart Australia. (If you don't have the set don't worry you can still buy them individually elsewhere.)

So let's continue to be inspired to make some gorgeous sugar decorations that you can store and use up to 6 months later! As you can see by the header photo I am so excited to say that I  have twisted this into a Christmas theme!!

Please ensure that you have read Part 1 Using Butterfly Cutters as I will not be repeating the basic step of using a plunger today, and of course it would only be logical to recommend checking out Part 2 Using Snowflake Cutters. Each part comes with new hints and tips so don't skip ahead! 

Okay are you ready?

Get yourself set up with today's cutters, a mat, rolling pin, corn flour, CMC/Tylose treated fondant in your colour choices,  and edible glue. 

**New Items needed today:
  • Styrofoam cone (I bought packs of 3 for $3 at Big W)
  • Sugar Pearls in your preferred colours OR make your own balls with coloured fondant using my top tip to make even sized pearls.
  • Toothpicks 
  • Circle cutter (your preferred size to fit your cupcake)
Got it? Let's have some sugar play!

Step 4: Rose Leaf Cutters

The fourth set from this fabulous box is the rose leaf cutter in three different sizes. (The most popular style leaf cutter on the market.) It's a pretty straight forward design, it makes a leaf - but it's what you do to these flat cut outs that can bring life to your design.

Rose Leaf cutter Fondant demonstration Green leaf
I like to give my leaves some dimension. After cutting out, pinch the bottoms of each leaf together and /or drape over formers to give them some shape whilst drying.

And that's it! 

Oh but wait there is....  


Since it's almost Christmas I thought I would bring a festive twist to the leaf party!
How to make a Fondant Christmas Wreath Topper for cakes and cupcakes. Free Tutorial.
Simply cut out a fondant circle and glue your leaves on with edible glue. Here I have added hand rolled fondant pearls.

Fondant Holly Topper with rose leaf cutters

No Holly Cutter? Well why not try my Rose Leaf Cutter version! It's just as effective and saves you money and space buying yet another cutter tool!

Okay so those toppers look great right? Well if I have gotten you a little excited about Christmas now and you're thinking you want MORE, check out my Christmas tree!! 

I have to say I am pretty proud of my little sugar tree! It brings back childhood memories of making paper versions at school. A few years ago I stumbled upon the absolutely cutest craft blog Smiles From Mel, and made several paper trees! But now that I am into edible decorations, I thought I would have a go at transforming Mel's paper tree into a fondant one! Check it out!

Fondant Christmas Tree Topper

Make your star first so it has time to dry. For this series I am using a snowflake cutter from the Kmart set - but of course if you have a proper star cutter you can use that instead.

Cut out 2 snowflakes, brush cmc glue on a toothpick and stick on the back of one of the snowflakes. Then place the second snowflake directly over the top. Use some sugar pearls to dress it up.

For the tree, I chose a mini cupcake stand as my work surface. To prevent in getting stuck, make sure you dust your surface with corn flour first.

Fondant Christmas Tree Cake Topper free tutorial.

Use a thin brush of edible glue on your Styrofoam cone.

Using the largest cutter, cut out and attach each leaf as pictured, ensuring that you alternate the position of the pointed leaves.

Next step, a technique commonly used in fondant ruffles, insert toothpicks pointing downwards, gently lifting the leaves. It's important to do this at each row or your leaves will dry too quickly and start to crack when you attempt to lift them.

For the last two rows use the medium sized leaf cutter and over lap at the top.

Just a few tips that I learnt the hard way! (Aren't you lucky I am your guinea pig first!!)

Using a toothpick, poke a hole firmly through the top of the tree before attempting to push your star in or you will damage it and need to make a new one. (Trust me I know!)

See those pesky little pearls? Well don't wait until after your tree has dried before sticking them on! Otherwise you'll be cursing like a drunken sailor as you try to get them to stick in place without having to hold them with a toothpick and fan it dry! (Guilty again!)

Instead, glue them on while your leaves are still slightly soft, this will enable the balls to make a little indent in the leaf tip which will help keep them in place while the edible glue is drying.

Once your tree is dry, gently remove all the toothpicks and VoilĂ ! You have a cute fondant Christmas tree topper to place on your cake or as a centre dessert display!

Fondant Christmas Tree Topper Cake Decor in Cairns

That concludes Part 4 of My Back to Basics Series!

Please let me know what you think in the comments section below!

Keep an eye out for Part 5!

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