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How I made My Fondant Flower and Handbag Toppers!

OMGOSH! I am feeling a little overwhelmed to wake up today, to so many notifications, likes, comments shares, pluses... and then to discover they came from  Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen !!!! I never dreamed one of my favourite mega huge cake pro's would even notice a tip from my very amateur home baking page! I mean EEEEK! have you seen how many followers she has? Check out her facebook page ! Gosh, just goes to show that no matter who you are or where you come from, we can all inspire and motivate each other in so many different ways. I know others may have already done this before, ( My Coloured Ganache Recipe )  but I had not seen it on any of the wonderful cake decorating pages I follow and love (and that's a heck of a lot of pages, trust me!) And I gotta say  by the flippin amazing response I have received, I wasn't alone in not seeing this technique before!   So before I get stuck into my fondant flowers tutorial as promised, I want to give the hugest THANK YO

Coloured Ganache! Yes It Works!

Oh me Oh My! I am so thrilled, so excited. I am just on top of the world today! Words can't really do it justice - I really am totally in a zone of cakey euphoria! What's got me so fired up and excited you ask?  Drum Roll Please..... Coloured Ganache! Yes you read read right! Coloured ganache, is what's got me excited! I am so in cakey love with the whole concept right now! You see not everyone likes fondant, not everyone can cover a cake without the dreaded elephant skin, the cracks, and rounded edges when trying to achieve sharp edges. And you know what, some days fondant just doesn't want to play the game! Personally I find fondant to be quite moody and often find myself arguing with her at 1am in the morning! Eeek! However I am good at setting up my ganache. Actually I am pretty darn good! I have mastered getting it smooth - yep I like to think I am awesome at this, but nothing breaks my heart more than ruining that perfect finish with

Top Tip Friday #13 Keeping That Hot Knife Hotter For Longer!

When you're needing to keep your knife hot for smoothing butter cream or ganache use a thermos to keep your boiling water hotter for longer.  It's the perfect height for your knives and saves time having to re boil water. Share ♡ Inspire ♡ Motivate : Home Bakers Doing it For Themselves!

Top Tip Friday #12 Preventing Cake Slips.

This weeks Top Tip Friday comes from the archives deep  with in my memory bank of Cake Slip Horror stories.. I am a bit embarrassed to admit, it but it probably took me 3 times before I actually realised that there was a simple solution to each one of my woes. Imagine this... My First Ever Fondant Roses I spent a week on my best friend's birthday cake. I painstakingly created my first fondant roses - Wow! I was proud of myself! After watching YouTube after Youtube I think I actually produced something that looked like a rose! What do you think? (Please just humor me and just say "YES! Stunning roses well done!") I baked two of the most yummiest cakes, using Wilton's Yellow Cake Recipe  and I  stacked  the 2 tiers with perfection (well I believed it was perfect so that's all that matters! Right?) I was really enjoying baking this cake, with so much cakey love. You know, the kind of love that goes into making a cake special. You can't buy that love -

Australians Baking Cakes For the ABC

The ABC   is currently under financial budget threat in Australia. This is many Cake Decor Cairns Homebakers favourite television channel, providing our children with quality, safe and commercial free shows.  It worries a lot of us that our ABC is under threat, so to show our support to this fabulous television station, we've got together to assist the facebook page "Australians baking Cakes For The ABC"   [Edit - I just recieved a message that they are changing their name to: "I Love The ABC"] in getting the word out. I hope you enjoy these fabulous cakes, baked with love from our Cairns parents. "Australia: Please Save Our ABC, it's too important to all generations, especially our children." Save Our ABC Cakes Gallery... Peppa Pig Cake Save Our ABC Elmo Cake  Save Our ABC TARDIS Doctor Who Cake Save Our ABC Cake Decor Cairns Peppa Pig Cake Save Our ABC Cookie Monster Cake Save Our ABC Bananas in Pyjam