Top Tip Friday #12 Preventing Cake Slips.

This weeks Top Tip Friday comes from the archives deep  with in my memory bank of Cake Slip Horror stories.. I am a bit embarrassed to admit, it but it probably took me 3 times before I actually realised that there was a simple solution to each one of my woes.

Imagine this...

My First Ever Fondant Roses
I spent a week on my best friend's birthday cake. I painstakingly created my first fondant roses - Wow! I was proud of myself! After watching YouTube after Youtube I think I actually produced something that looked like a rose! What do you think? (Please just humor me and just say "YES! Stunning roses well done!")
I baked two of the most yummiest cakes, using Wilton's Yellow Cake Recipe and I stacked the 2 tiers with perfection (well I believed it was perfect so that's all that matters! Right?) I was really enjoying baking this cake, with so much cakey love. You know, the kind of love that goes into making a cake special. You can't buy that love - it's a magic ingredient.

Anyway moving right along, I pull out my 1M piping nozzle decorate some frilly stuff all around. My cake is looking oh so fancy, frills, roses and even a bit of bling with silver dragees! Yep this home baking mum is feeling pretty awesome. 


Unfortunately that's where the awesomeness ends. 

I get the cake safely in the car. Turn the key, fingers and legs crossed "Yep! I can Do This!" I reverse and make the turn out of my driveway really carefully, and suddenly remember there's some speed bumps along my usual route, so being the quick thinker that I am, I avoid those streets. So there I am happily driving along without a care in the world, feeling so proud of my AWESOME cake, until suddenly, and this is where it get's emotional, as I am changing lanes I can hear something, that strangely sounds like a cake board sliding across the back of the car. I get a slight flutter in my heart and I think to myself:

Well, at this point, I really cannot concentrate anymore, all I can think about it my cake. My AWESOME cake! So I pull up by the side of the road, jump out and open the wagon door. My heart stops beating, and I am sure for a moment, all of time stood still. There in the back of my car was what looked like the leftovers of a cake smash photo shoot... 

Time has now passed, and I have now healed from this mishap!

But I am ashamed to admit that yes I have another 2 more stories about my cakes sliding, however I will not torture you with their tragedies except to say one was me elegantly pushing my cake onto the floor while smoothing ganache on my cake sitting on a turntable and the other involved many many cupcakes all going for a ride to town. 
EEEEEEK! The Horror!!

Sooooo, the lesson that this tale of cake sliding horrors brings us today is... (trumpets please)


Grip mats at Overflow
To prevent Cake Slide Horrors, pop into your local bargain shop (Locally we have Overflow and The Reject Shop handy) and buy yourself some of  this nifty stuff called "Anti-Slip mat" or sometimes it's called "Grip mat"  Overflow has it currently for only $2.50 a roll.

You can cut it to size and use it everywhere to prevent a cake sliding horror story EVER happening to you! 

  • Place under your cake boards and boxes to prevent sliding during transport.
  • Cut circles and squares that match your cake boards to create a slip free surface between your cake board and turntable (I cut flush so they are not in my way when hot knifing ganache)
  • Baked 50 cupcakes and only have a large box to put them in? Cut out a piece and line your box with it - no sliding cupcakes anymore.

Cut to size against your cake boards,
this baby will save you from
"Cake Slip Horror"

*If you already knew about this clever little tip, make sure you save your friends from "Cake Slip Horror" by sharing this awesome tip with them also.

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