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Top Tip Friday #6 : Fixing Squashed Cupcake Cases / Patty Pans

Don't you hate it when you squash your cupcake cases and baking cups? Usually you have to throw them out and buy new ones! Stop!   Before you throw money into the rubbish bin, try this quick tip! It works for me! Get a tall glass and push the stack into the glass until it's sitting snug. Use your finger to smooth around the inside circle. After an hour or over night  take them out, and your cases are ready to be used again!! *Extra Tip: put some cling wrap under the cases before placing in the cup so you can easily lift them out when you're done. 

Cairns Cake Decorating School : Special Discount Offer

I'm really excited to be able to give Cake Decor in Cairns followers this special discount code for full professional cake decorating classes at The Cupcake Orchard! The amazingly awesome Alexi has again this year given us a $20 discount on all of Lauren Blong's whole cake covering classes including mastering the sharp edges of square cakes. Learn how to ganache a cake to smooth perfection and cover smoothly, complete with straight fondant edges! What a fabulous skill to learn! The prices are amazing! Take for example the square cake class - after our $20 discount, it only costs $105 which includes you being given a delicious naked cake, learn the correct techniques to ganache, cover and beautifully decorate perfectly.  But wait there's more! Yes it's unreal I know, but lunch is also included!! I am really excited about these classes as they are the cheapest you will ever get from a professional in Cairns. Hold on, you think I am just a little bit too excit

Syrup Damper : Bread Maker Machine Recipe

I know I am usually blogging about cake and decorating but every now and then I like to whip up some cookies or crave for a different type of treat. Today is one of those days where I really feel like Syrup Damper. This sweet version of damper is my favourite, nothing is more comforting than a warm piece dripping with real butter and a cup of tea. My extended family includes some very talented cooks hailing from The Torres Straits of Australia. Syrup Damper is one of their yummy signature treats that I am unfortunately not able to recreate successfully.  Despite been given recipes,  my damper just never turns out as good. I hear you ask how do I get damper wrong? I know right! I guess it's the same reason why I get scones wrong too! I am just not a dough girl! They either burn, don't rise or are tough despite following the instructions... I am just not to make bread the traditional way! But this doesn't solve my problem today, I feel like Syrup Damper but

Top Tip Friday #5: How Old is that Egg?

When I make Pavlova I need to use the freshest egg whites possible. But because  I have free range chickens in my backyard  I am not always 100% sure just how old those eggs are! And when I buy store bought eggs I'm not always convinced on what the best before date says. So the age old water test always comes through for me... How to tell how old eggs are: A fresh egg sinks in fresh* water,  while a stale egg will float to the top.  That’s because pockets in the shell become larger as it ages and its yolk shrinks. (The inbetween ones are still ok for baking but the freshest ones are a must for Pavlovas and Meringues) *Emphasis on fresh water. All eggs will float to some extent in salty water. The saltier the water the higher the buoyancy. Share ♡  Inspire  ♡  Motivate :: Home Bakers Doing it for Themselves.