Top Tip Friday #5: How Old is that Egg?

egg floating in water test.

When I make Pavlova I need to use the freshest egg whites possible. But because  I have free range chickens in my backyard  I am not always 100% sure just how old those eggs are! And when I buy store bought eggs I'm not always convinced on what the best before date says.

So the age old water test always comes through for me...

How to tell how old eggs are:

A fresh egg sinks in fresh* water,  while a stale egg will float to the top. 

That’s because pockets in the shell become larger as it ages and its yolk shrinks.

(The inbetween ones are still ok for baking but the freshest ones are a must for Pavlovas and Meringues)

*Emphasis on fresh water. All eggs will float to some extent in salty water. The saltier the water the higher the buoyancy.

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