Isn't it Punny?!

Expresso Yourself! Pun Sticker, Expresso cup with purple background.
Expresso Yourself

Pun intended! 

Did you know I have a collection of punny products available to purchase? You can put some pun into your life with this continually growing collection!

Click the puns below to see them in the online store!

And as always if there is something you would like personalised just let me know! 

Stickers have a multitude of uses! From the latest teen trends of covering their laptops and macbooks with aesthetic stickers to parents using milestone stickers for memory albums, journal covers, invitations, party favour seals and much more.

One clever parent used the large personalised ONEderful card  and mini sticker set as cake & cupcake toppers. Simply use a skewer and some tape to attach the card and use toothpicks with the mini set stickers to use for cupcakes!  See?! So clever!!

And every sticker design is also available in a magnet too! So versitile!

Honestly the usefulness of the cards, post cards, stickers and magnets are limitless! 

And don't get me started on the matchy matchy clothing!! 

I love you a latte pun! Kawaii Coffee with pink back ground.
I Love You A Latte

Bee-Lieve in yourself pun. Bee with words. Believe.
Bee-lieve in Yourself

Honey Just Bee Yourself. Bee pun. Be yourself words with bee. Sticker.
Honey just Bee yourself!

Little Miss ONEderful. Pun sticker pink background for little miss wonderful 1st birthday.
Little Miss ONEderful

Words Little Miss ONEderful on pink background, pun on Little Miss Wonderful. Mini set of 6 stickers.
Little Miss ONEdeful Mini Set

Words I Love You Pig Time. Picture of a piglet with pink hears and green background. Pun of I love you big time on a sticker and magnet.
I Love you Pig Time!

Words You Bake The World a Better place pun against a white Background and blue stand mixer. Pun of you Make the world a better place. On a sticker and magnet.
You Bake the World a Better Place

Words Pug Life with black pug, gold chain, pun on Thug Life on sticker or magnet.
Pug Life

I really hope you love the pun collection as much as I do. And once again if you have a pun in mind be sure to let me know so I can create a personlised one for you!

Have a punderful day!  ♡


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