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Image asking What do you like to celebrate with cake?

Do you celebrate with Cake? I asked my Instagram community: "What special occasions do you celebrate with cake?"

Common ones are weddings and birthdays but what are the other ones that you MUST have cake at?

Here are their answers, please comment if you have any more.

Many came up with traditional answers like:

Mother's Day

Father's Day


Half Yearly Birthday

Wedding Anniversary 


Baby Shower 


School/Work Morning Teas

Bridal Shower

Skylander Birthday Cake
Kid's Birthday Cake

Flowers Cupcake for Mother's Day or Morning Teas
Morning Tea Cake

21st Birthday Cake. Girl's Chocolate with Leopard print.
21st Birthday Cake

And here are some of the not quite traditional occasions: 


Any Excuse

Going to the toilet alone ( they must have kids haha)

End of the Year

Anything I can make up!

Somethings are just wonderful like friends and chocolate cake.

So you see there seems to be an endless amount of occasions that we celebrate with cake!

What's your favourite?  

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  1. I'll eat cake any time it's presented to me. No occasion necessary.

  2. I have been to a party with a Divorce Cake!


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