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Back to Basics Series : Part 4 Rose Leaf Cutter

Welcome to Part 4 of my Back To Basics series! This edition is a little over due, but you know that's what happens when I make cakes for my daughter in-between blog posts! (More on her cake during the week)   Well I have to say it has been so much fun exploring the 6 different shapes included in the popular 18 piece cutter set currently available from Kmart Australia. (If you don't have the set don't worry you can still buy them individually elsewhere.) So let's continue to be inspired to make some gorgeous sugar decorations that you can store and use up to 6 months later! As you can see by the header photo I am so excited to say that I  have twisted this into a Christmas theme!! Please ensure that you have read   Part 1 Using Butterfly Cutters   as I will not be repeating the basic step of using a plunger today, and of course it would only be logical to recommend checking out  Part 2 Using Snowflake Cutters.   Each part comes with new hints and tips so don&

An Interview with International Cake Artist Rose de Guzman-Warnick.

Rose I am so flipping excited to be able to interview you! Thank you for taking the time to let my readers discover more about you! I have to say that I am ecstatic that you're coming to Australia in March next year, actually I am totally elated that Couture Cakes by Rose  is coming to my home town!! Cairns,Far North Queensland to be exact!! Eeeeeeek! Somebody hold me down!! As soon as I heard the news from Sue's Sweet Delights I fell off my chair in shock! Wow was it true? Was Rose really coming to Cairns and running a workshop? Well Sue and I chatted on the phone for what felt like the whole afternoon, gushing over her friend's impending arrival! (And of course I booked in straight away - I wouldn't miss this cake decorating class for anything!) So while we count down the days to your arrival, let's find out a little more about you. Where do you live currently? Thank you so much my friend for featuring me on your blog. I am just as excited to be coming to