Top Tip Friday #20 Torting & Levelling Cake Part1

A torted yellow cake

This week's Top Tip comes directly from a conversation I was having with my friend Melanie from One Tier At A Time today. Every one has their preferred methods of torting (slicing the middle of the cake) and leveling (trimming the top) and she'd very much like Santa to give her an Agbay! (Apparently a Rolls Royce in the cake leveler  brand range!) But hey I'm not a pro, but sure willing to give it a go - which also means as a hobbyist I could never afford an Agbay, and well I don't actually make enough cakes in a year to justify one. 

So Melanie says, "But I like my cakes to be level!" 
And I cheekily send her that photo pictured above "Oh I don't need an Agbay!"

She agreed,  yes I am awesome. And no I don't need an Agbay. Ha ha ha! Well that is of course until the time comes that I am making cakes on a weekly basis, then maybe I might like to spoil my self! But for now I like to do it "Home Baker" style! 

Which brings me to today's:

Top Tip Friday!
(Number 20 mind you!)

Before torting your cake, pop it in the freezer for a short while (say 20 mins) or in the fridge for 4 hours. (Wrapped to the nines in plastic wrap of course) 
This gets your butter and sugars firm and holds all your cake together. Now I know people who don't do this - and yes you're amazing, however I cannot torte a cake without first chilling it. When I have tried, I've made a crumbly mess! 
So before I let a blade anywhere near my cake I like to get it nicely chilled.

Top Tip Friday Torting and Leveling a cake part 1

Right, that's part 1 sorted, now later down the track I will continue with part 2 and show you my preferred method to actually torting my cake with the knife pictured!  It's not Agbay perfect but it's home baker approved!

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