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Thank you everyone for your get well wishes, I am sort of back in action and doing my best to catch up on everything. Today I want to show off my Minecraft cake that I quickly put together for my nephew and talk you through how to make a personalised fondant logo like the one pictured.

Okay, so this cake was supposed to be a last minute sheet cake (slab) for my nephew using leftover Minecraft toppers from my son’s birthday…haha as you can see in the photo "That ain't no sheet cake!" 

I have been unwell for ages and not concentrating (that’s why it was supposed to be an “easy” sheet cake) but for some strange reason I only made one batch of batter??!!! What?! I had originally put out enough eggs for 2 batches – and even when I filled the pan I still didn’t register that there wasn’t enough! ? ? 

.•°°•>> Losing it!!!

So anyway the sheet cake turned out quite thin and flat!! (What a surprise haha!) I didn’t have the energy to bake again so I cut in half and pretended like I meant to torte and fill the whole time! (True story!)

Sheet cake Slab
Oops! Didn't rise anywhere near the Top! 
Sheet cake stacked
Quick thinking saved the day. 

I wanted to recreate the famous Minecraft Logo, personalising it with my nephew's name. I am in no way clever enough to work out how to freehand to personalise the letters myself, so I search my best friend Google and found this cool site called Textcraft

I typed in "Zack" in the first field and downloaded the image. I then gave it a black background and printed it out onto white card stock, and voilĂ  I was ready to cut out my template.

Personalised Minecraft Inspired Font Free party themes Personal use only

I used black fondant that I had treated with CMC the night before and rolled it out using the thick ring guides on my rolling pin. 

I placed the template / stencil on my fondant and cut around using a scalpel. 

Minecraft Font Personalised Logo in fondant

Minecraft Font Personalised Logo in fondant how to

Next I pushed a couple of toothpicks in and left to dry. I then cut out the letters from the template /stencil and repeated the same steps, using grey fondant instead of black.

Minecraft Font Personalised Logo in fondant how to

Once the letters were surface dry I pulled out my edible markers and drew in the black accents. I wasn't too precise with markings and just drew them on best I could without aimlessly being a perfectionist. (Because it will never ever be perfect - I am a human not a computer)

Oh and I have to say, my favourite brand of edible pens is Americolor. They are the best! The dark colours are really opaque (fantastically awesome) where as other brands I've bought were a bit transparent - the blacks would look grey on white. But as you can see the black Americolor turned out really well on  my toppers.

Minecraft Font Personalised Logo in fondant how to

I left to dry over night, it set up really well. And I must say it was a perfect accompaniment to the rest of my toppers. It turned my Minecraft cake from good to WOW!

Oh and Eeeeeeeeeeek! My little happy dance moment this week, was the proud honour of being in the CakesDecor Daily top 3 for this cake!! How awesome is that?! What a great start to the week!!

Minecraft Cake Daily Top 3 CakesDecor

**Extra Tip:
If you are looking for other branded font styles for your at home cake decorating and party invitations, (not for commercial sale) I find this Online Logo Generator site great! And of course there are plenty more on Google!

Here's a few examples of the choice of styles available:

Logo and font generator Disney InspiredLogo and font generator Fairy Tinker InspiredLogo and font generator Grease Inspired

Thanks for reading my latest blog post, now that I am on the mend I hope to have part 4 of the Back to Basics Series up by the end of the week! xoxo

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