Making Minecraft Fondant Cupcake Toppers

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Such a busy time of year for my family, it seems like there's birthdays left right and centre! I feel like from June to December I should close my social networking platforms down because I get so time consumed with caking I run out of time to chat about it with you all! Thanks so much for always being there even when I am not!

So last week I joined the squared eyed cake decorators club! Really! My eyes are square now! My fingers are aching!!!! I cannot believe how much time and patience these little squared fellows actually took!! It didn't help that half way through the process, let's just say 1am madness, I realised there where a few things I could  [should]  have done to make it quicker! I swear if I were to ever make these guys again I will definitely be using edible markers for the eyes! Cutting each colour and gluing each piece together was not my idea of a fun night!

If you are wondering just what in the heck is Minecraft, you may not have primary school aged children, or teens or gamer addicted husbands! Check out the official MineCraft Website  for a fully detailed account on this game that has enticed millions globally and had many a cake decorator turn square eyed!

This year for my son's birthday celebrations he's getting 3 different themed cakes! Lucky Kid! It all sounds a bit much doesn't it?! But basically there's cupcakes at school to share in class - I think this is fabulous that our school still embraces birthday celebrations. He chose Minecraft. Then there was a mini party at McDonald's with a few of his close school friends, so a cake was needed for that (A Skylanders Inspired cake that I will blog about shortly) and soon to be revealed yet another cake, but this one will technically be his "real" one because all the important family members and cousins will be at that party! Phew it's exhausting!

Adding CMC Tylose to fondant for modelling. Coloured fondant in plastic wrap.
Planning ahead
I made these particular toppers using mostly precoloured fondant that I treated with cmc.

A few of the lighter shades of brown and pink I had to colour myself using Wilton's gel colour.

Oh except for the greens, I just mixed my dark green fondant with some white fondant to get the shade I wanted.

"Help Me!"

"My Eyes are going Square!" 

[= =] [--] [==]

Lots of cutting and gluing to follow. It was so time consuming cutting out all the pieces. I cursed myself a lot!

Making Minecraft / Mine Craft Toppers with Fondant

 I also made a mistake on one of the toppers - I wonder if you can find the error? Surprisingly my keen eyed son didn't pick it!

Minecraft / Mine Craft Fondant / gumpaste Cupcake Toppers

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