Top Tip Friday #16 DIY Large Flower Formers

Using baking Trays as flower formers Cake Decor in Cairns Yellow Flower red lady bug Fondant

Check it out! I picked up these Willow brand dome shaped patty cake pan trays for $2.75 each at my local Big W store today! Just my awesome luck they had 50% off the entire Willow range! 

Best thing about them is because they have that perfectly rounded domed base they double up as the best large flower former's money can buy! 

A two for one saving here - 

"It's a Patty Cake Pan!"

"No it's a Fondant Former!"

"No it's a patty Cake Pan!"

"Hang on a Minute!!"

"It's BOTH!!!"

Oh and my favourite thing about using these patty pans as formers for my fondant creations? They are non-stick and hygienic! 

Do you have these pans at home?

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