Top Tip Friday #15 Shaping Fondant Pieces on sides of Cakes

Making curved fondant shapes for cake sides. Cake Decor in Cairns

Trying to come up with a title for today's cake decorating tip proved harder than I had expected!  I don't know how else to explain what I mean. Drying fondant /gumpaste pieces in a rounded cake shape  that are going to go on the side of your cake seems like an awfully long title!  So hopefully the visual picture tells the one thousand words I am trying to convey across to you! 

Okay, I think I am due for a second cup of coffee! I'm not thinking as quickly as usual and I almost forgot to put up today's tip! Well my excuse  being a public holiday for the local Cairns Show day I woke up thinking it was Saturday!

I like to make detailed fondant accents to the sides of my cakes. Hmmm, the word accents sounds like just some shapes, so  perhaps I should call them "Siders" since they are technically not toppers!   

The issue with being more detailed is that you cannot just cut them out quickly and stick them to the side of the cake - gravity will almost certainly take over and your brilliant details will quickly become a warped mess. If you dry them flat you won't be able to make them flush around the cake.

This is what I do: 
Pull out the same sized cake pans that you baked your cake in. 
The outside of the tin should be roughly the same size as your final iced cake. 
Leave to dry on the tin. 
Don't let it dry 100% though,  just enough to still have a slight flexibility when affixing to your cake. Overnight is usually ok for me, as long as I haven't gone crazy with the cmc powder! 

Shaping fondant gumpaste on sides of cakes. Cake Decor in Cairns
Use your Cake Tin as a Former.

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