Top Tip Friday #11 : My Buttercream Tastes Like Garlic!

You  found the perfect Buttercream Recipe. You lovingly decorated your cupcakes within minutes of your guests arriving. You placed them on the serving tray and oops there is one  too many, so you thought you better not waste it and took a big bite.... 
bad taste flavour buttercream
Ewwww! Tastes Like Garlic! 
And there you have it my friends, fridge odours and smells from things like Garlic and last nights Supreme Pizza have transferred into your butter cream and now it tastes like Aioli!

The simple solution to this, is to store your Butters, Copha (Shortening) and Cooking Margarines in sealed containers that keep odours and smells out. Personally I prefer Tupperware freezer containers, but of course you can use what ever product works for  you.

It's much easier to contain your butter blocks than trying to lock up the whole fridge. Most frost free fridges circulate air through the fridge and freezer compartments, which means that Chicken Kiev  in the Freezer could be sending odours to your whipped cream in the fridge and last nights curry is sending it's aromas full cycle!

Store butter in containers to prevent odour and taste transfer.

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