Top Tip Friday #9 : Oven Temperature

use a Oven Thermometer to achieve correct oven temperature.
A Basic Oven Thermometer. 
The right baking temperature is very important especially when baking cakes and pavlovas. Even 5 degrees can play havoc! Too hot and your cake rises too high in the centre or burns on the outside, too low and you may underestimate the cooking time and take out too soon. Since following this simple tip, my cakes come out even everytime!

Perfectly baked cakes, even. No baking strips needed.
Evenly Baked Cakes Every time. 
Don't rely on your oven temperature dial! One of the best things to buy is an oven thermometer so you know exactly how hot your oven is, no matter what your oven says. If the temperature is way off, adjust your oven dial or call in an oven repair man to find out what's wrong. 

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