Top Tip Friday #8 : Soften Butter Faster

Chop butter or Copha into smaller pieces to soften faster for baking.

You're all keen as mustard to bake a cake but the recipe calls for softened butter and eeek! Your butter is hard, or in the case of Copha - rock hard! If you're anything like me,  you're a little impatient and want things to happen now rather than later.

So what's an impatient Baker to do?
Try this method, next time you're in a hurry. (It might seem like a basic idea but you'd be surprised just how many people don't think of it, or simply forget at the time.)

Top Tip Friday #8

To bring butter and Copha to room temperature quickly,  dice the block into small cubes on a plate, with a smaller size the Butter and Copha can soften much faster than in its original block.

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