Pouring Beer Cake: Part 1

Pouring Beer Cake instructions to follow.

There's a few of you that have been waiting to see it. So here is a low light shot for now. My husband has some better photos but you'll have to just settle for my mobile for this evening. This is what I ended up making for my nephew's 21st birthday.

I tell you that this cake made me laugh and cry - omgosh especially when my handle that took over an hour to perfect wasn't dry enough and broke...

But my nephew's face when he saw the cake was priceless!! He loved it, the whole family loved it!!!  So I'm going to just keep that happy feeling and be proud tonight. ♡

To make the 3D Illusion cake, I was inspired by Cupcake Addiction's pancake tutorial on YouTube. I used the concept to create beer pouring from a can rather than pancake syrup.

Later down the track I'll upload some more behind the scenes shots. I'm exhausted now, going to get some much needed sleep!

*Beer Pouring Illusion Cake: Vanilla Cake with White Chocolate ganache, and fondant body, Royal icing "foam" and fondant "wood" look covered board.

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