Occupying Little Hands While Decorating.

Recycle Mum Roll on bottles for  fun painting activities for kids kindy

I know it's technically not cake decorating or baking, heck it's not even kitchen related! But this fun roller paint activity is helping me to work on my cup cake toppers today!


Okay it sounds a little strange so let me explain.  Little Miss 4 is trying to "help" with my toppers today, but because I am using a sharp blade to cut into my fondant,  I'd feel more comfortable with her  gorgeous little fingers being occupied with something else!

I remembered I had been collecting my Mum Roll on deodorant bottles, each time I used one up I would unscrew the ball cap - wash and dry, and store for later use.

*Now it has to be specifically Mum Brand  for this activity in Australia,  but just check your roll on bottles,  other brands may have a screw ball cap too.

Once you've collected a few, you can then simply pour in your favourite colours. Make sure you keep the lids, and put back on after each painting session to stop the paints from drying out.
Recycle mum roll on bottles as a fun kids painting activity

These are perfect for sitting down at the table or on the floor; as you can see in the photo my daughter is happily using them on the easel.

They are a perfect size for little hands,  encourages fine motor skills and provides another medium for creativity. 

Oh and because my daughter is having so much fun with her new paints I have some time to get started on my cupcake toppers!

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