Top Tip Friday: Prevent Cake Flour Woes, Weevils and Self Raising Fails

I forgot to load last weeks Top Tip Friday, so here's Top Tips #2 and #3 in one post all about flour!

★ Flour Storage
Flour on a bench Top Tip Friday Cairns

When you buy your flour store it in the freezer for 24 hours then leave on bench (in packet) for a few hours (completely back to room temp) then open your packets and pour into your usual Tupperware containers for your pantry as you normally would.


Because sometimes invisible to the eye weevil type eggs have come home with you! Freezing will kill the eggs and prevent a pesky bug outbreak in your pantry containers!

*Some people up here in the tropical north prefer to just store their flour in the deep freeze all the time. If you do this, just make sure you bring your flour back to room temperature before using it for your baking recipes.

★Self Raising Flour 

Self raising flour not rising? Storage instructions.
Each time you use your SR flour turn the container upside down and back again before using.

Because baking raising agents are often heavier than the flour and will sink to the bottom over time. A quick turn will ensure your SR flour is even.

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