Owl Themed Cake Part 1. With Edible Bunting

 Owl themed Birthday Cake Photo Tutorial Cake Decorating Cairns
Last year I made this cute owl themed cake with mini edible bunting flags. Writing up a tutorial has been on my to do list but I simply have not had the time to write it all up. In saying that I thought the very least I could do was to upload all of the photos that I took, because as they say "a picture tells a 1000 words".

All the decorations pictured are 100% edible (except the 2 straws,  candle,  and the string used to thread the flags) and were homemade with love.

If there is anything specific you would like to know then please ask me and I'll do my best to answer as quickly as possible. If you're on Google+ or Facebook you're pretty much guaranteed a reply within 24 hours.

Here are the photos of making the main cake, and over the weekend I will make a separate part 2 post on the owl cupcake toppers. 

How to make edible Bunting flags with Fondant. Cake Decorating Cairns
Cutting strips & flag shape with pizza wheel.
Use a toothpick to make holes for threading.
Let letters dry a few minutes before handling to
glue on to mini flags. (CMC edible glue)
 Owl Fondant topper basic steps. Cake Decorating Cairns
Started a week before to allow drying time.
Not pictured,  but there is a straw in the centre
holding the body together. 
 Ganache and Fondant covered cake and owl topper steps.
Rough ganache before smoothing with a hot knife.
Cracks in my edges frustrated me. Satin Ice dark
colours always seem to crack on the edges. I
smoothed over as much as possible with Copha.
In the end it looked just fine.
 Setting up Owl themed Birthday Cake tutorial with Fondant Bunting flags.
Building up the final display.
I used sewing thread to join the bunting flags
together and attached to the straws .

 Owl themed Birthday Cake tutorial with Fondant Bunting flags.
I am clearly not a pro, and still have a lot to learn
before I even considered selling cakes, but
I think this turned out pretty awesome for
a homemade job! ♥

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