Moulin Rouge started it all!

Moulin Rouge Cake Pink And Black Mud Chocolate Cake with ganache and fondant.

This was really the first cake I had ever made that showed signs of getting into decorating seriously.

May 2013. It was my first time to ganache and fondant cover a mud cake using Planet Cakes beginners book for the Recipe. Lots of flaws and lots learned as I put my idea in my head into place but overall I was happy with my effort. 

Here's a few action shots :
Moulin Rouge Cake how to make steps
Making the Figurine was a challenge and I have
Lots to learn on how to cover with a smoother finish. 
Making paper cupcake picks, lettering, drying out fondant legs.
I had so much fun designing and making this cake,
including the homemade cupcake picks and tiered stand.

This was my moment that I thought hey - if I can pull this off now and make my friend so happy with her cake, then imagine what I can do equipped with some real skills. So that's my goal for 2014 - I want to learn some real skills and techniques. 

 Moulin Rouge themed cake.  Cairns Cake Decorating
My favourite part about this cake:
The Birthday Girl Matched it!

This year I am going to practice my existing skills but also seek out new one's and along the way,  of course,  I will share what I can with you.  Oh yeah and I also plan to take better photos!! 

What are your cake decorating goals for this year?

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