How much are your cakes? Can I please order?

On a weekly basis I get requests for cake orders, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, christening cakes... but at this stage of my cake decorating journey I do not sell my cakes. I don't have a registered kitchen and this is my hobby, and as soon as you start putting financial pressure on my decorating I would no longer enjoy it.

So I thought it would be a great idea to list some of the fabulous local business' who network with me on a regular basis. These lovely local cake makers have a strong social networking presence and can all be found on facebook.

The list is by no means a recommendation, just a simple directory to help you make contact with each business individually, to find the one that suits your personal needs. 

So if you really cannot make your own cake and need assistance from a professional then try out my Local directory for Cairns, Queensland.

To access the Local Cake Decorators Directory click "Local Directory" Tab above or...

And if you are a Cake Decorator wanting to be listed in our free directory we have vacant spots in the Tablelands, Port Douglas and Innisfail Regions. Contact me via my facebook page or google+ 

Contact me via facebook for information

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