Beginners Cake Decorating Questions Answered.

I have just updated my pages tab "Teach Yourself Links"It includes my top top 3 answers to my most frequently asked questions. "How do I decorate a cake"  "I don't know where to start"  or "How do I cover a cake?"

Why have I been answering in links? 

Well these companies are professionals in their fields, and I am not here  to re-write their work - and most obviously I am not a professional. I want to give you the best information and not just my translation.

I covered 3 different learning styles when choosing the top 3. A webpage, book and video; when you put the 3 together you will give yourself one of the best head starts to teaching yourself amateur cake decorating at home. 

Of course, they are not the only links available, and yes there are quite literally thousands of wonderful web based tutorials both free and for a small fee, web subscriptions, books, and tons of Youtube tutorials; but these are the three that I personally believe will give a beginner a good head start - after all these are exactly where I started!

Cake Decorating Free Links

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