Bulk Wedding Cupcakes: Lace & Love

I was asked 2 days before the Wedding to make some cupcakes for the dessert table at a family wedding.  Eeek 2 days didn't leave me much time to get too detailed so I had to come up with something that was simple, easy to mass produce and still look elegant.

 wedding cupcake toppers hearts flowers
I made 150 of these lovlies and they were a hit! The visual of all 150 out on the table was really special and worked out as planned! 

Now it wasn't all easy, I must admit, I made a huge mistake in the morning and baked 80 of these sad sunken cupcakes! To my
horror I realised all too late that the 6th cup of flour to be folded in was in fact still waiting and sitting on the bench all the while the cupcakes were almost finished baking!! Eeeeek! What a disaster! 
But what's a girl to do? Feed the rejects to her husband and kids and keep on baking!! Luckily I had enough ingredients on hand to make another batch!

The topper designs I chose were simple
cutters a heart and flower. But to dress them up a little without too much effort,  I used an embossing mat for the hearts, and dried the flowers in formers (mini paint palets) and added balls to the centre.

To finish both off I lightly brushed with Sugarflair pearl lustre dust.

lace hearts flowers vintage easy

Any type of embossing technique (rollers, clear mats, stamps) would look just as effective.
 hearts flowers fondant cairns

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