Raspberry Liqueur Ganache

I had grand plans to make my hubby a Black Forest Cake from scratch for his birthday this week! However,  a nasty headache and my son's sports carnival had other plans for me!

I shopped around for all the ingredients and got talked into buying Black Raspberry Liqueur. I was originally hoping to find a cherry brandy but I don't even know if that exists! The Black Raspberry Liqueur looks like a fancy perfume bottle, I think you could have it sitting pretty on your dressing table and no one would know it was for night caps! (Just joking as I don't actually drink!)

The smell was lovely,  if you're a fan of rasberry crushes and smoothies you'll love this adult version in a Cognac base.

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Black Raspberry Liqueur

Now the whole point of this story is not about advertising liqueur is it? So back to my black forest cake that I didn't actually make! I decided that the cake can be made this weekend instead, it's a public holiday in Cairns for the Show, so I'll have more time to make it. But what about hubby's birthday? 

I had ganache ingredients on me, and this lovely liqueur so I made him birthday ice cream with Raspberry Liqueur Ganache.  You could substitute any of your favourite liqueurs for this recipe.  Mmmmm Baileys,  Frangelico, and Grand Mariner are a few that come to mind.

This recipe is great for pouring on ice cream, using as a base for hot chocolate (spoon some in a mug and stir in hot milk) and I like to dip cupcakes in it. It is not however good for under fondant as the chocolate ratio is too low.

Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Recipe (Microwave Method)

Ingredients :
100grams Dark Chocolate
75mls cream
1-2 teaspoons Dark Raspberry Liquer

Break chocolate up into pieces (or use melts) place into Microwave safe for cooking bowl.
Pour in cream and stir.
Cook in Microwave on 800watt (high/medium high depending on your oven) for 30 seconds ONLY. It will look like chocolate milk with chunks in it but don't be tempted to put back in microwave!

Stir it like crazy and the chocolate and cream will begin to emulsify before your eyes into a rich chocolate sauce from heaven.  If after this there are a few lumpy bits, place back in microwave for a further 10 seconds only and repeat process until smooth.  *It's extremely important not to burn your chocolate otherwise it will seize into a useless clump.

Once your ganache is smooth stir in 1 teaspoon of liquer, taste and add another teaspoon if desired.  I wouldn't add any more as your ganache may become too liquefied.

These quantities can be doubled or tripled depending on your need.

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Black Raspberry Liqueur Chocolate Ganache


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