Cake Decor Cairns wishes you a Happy Mother's Day ♥

Mother's Day Edible Gifts : Raspberry Buttercream

I always love an opportunity to home bake gifts for my lovely friends and family,  and what better excuse is there to try Nutrafresh Raspberry fruit powder than on Mother's Day?
Mothers Day

I made a normal batch of butter cream and at the end added a packet of Raspberry fruit powder and omg what can I say except YUM! The raspberry flavour was an explosion of yumminess in my mouth!  In true fresh raspberry fashion it had that distinct flavour and tang you would expect when eating fresh off the bush. Pair it with a moist chocolate cake and they marry perfectly on your palate!  

Go on, order some and try it yourself. Keep in mind that it is a dry powder so once you add it to your icing it may need a little warm water added to it to bring it back to a silky consistency. 

Here's a few photos of how I put it all together... 


Mothers Day


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