Happy St Patrick's Day!

Easy Saint Patricks Day Fondant Gumpaste Cupcake Toppers Tutorial

Welcome to my very first Cake Decor Cairns Blog entry! 

Many of you have found my new blog because you're already connected with me on facebook.com/cairnscakedecor   thank you so much for your continued support.

The aim of Cake Decor Cairns is to support and encourage home-bakers in the Cairns, Far North Queensland (Australia) region with tips, tricks and access to bargain cake decorating supplies. If I spot a special locally I will always post an alert on facebook.

Not from far North Queensland? You are still very welcome!!! Most of the site will still be relevant!

But Mum!

My son's school celebrated St Patricks Day on Friday - but let's rewind to the day before...

Thursday afternoon I collected my son from school. "Mummy it's St Patricks Day tomorrow you have to bring in food to share" I though oh great, but how about something easy and healthy like green grapes, kiwi fruit, honey dew melon - it's all green it will do.

No, Master 5 had other ideas! "But Mum! you have to make St Patricks Day cupcakes! You are always making nice cakes I want to show my friends... P L L E A SSSSSSE!! (*big brown pleading eyes*)

No early night for me!


So what does a mum do at the last minute? Well most normal mum's would probably just buy a packet of cake mix (which I did) and tint them with a little green food colouring. (which I did) but then the craziness set in and I had to make my little one his "nice cakes" he was so proud of me making. (ego swell)

I was up until midnight, and the cakes were inhaled so quickly the next day that if I hadn't taken photos I would've forgotten what the look like! lol

Method to my madness  


1 packet of vanilla cake mix 
Green gel food colouring
1 Package of fondant (I used Orchard White icing available at supermarkets)
1 teaspoon of cmc (tyloe powder)
Corn flour


Cup cake pan
Heart punchout cutter (available on my facebook page)
Garlic Press 
non stick rolling pin
non stick pastry mat

packet of green cupcake pans


Once decorations were dry I used Edible glue to make the clovers on the toppers. I Piped a little Butter cream on the centre of each cake and gently placed a topper on each one.

Saint Patricks Day Fondant Gumpaste Cupcake Toppers Tutorial
How to make Saint Patrick's Day Cupcakes


Usually I am fussy on how I present my hard work, but as this was for a group of 5 year old's, and it was midnight I improvised with a disposable  foil BBQ  tray.

Saint Patricks Day Fondant Gumpaste Cupcake Toppers Tutorial
St Patricks day green cupcakes with clover toppers 

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