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Top Tip Friday: How to get the "Doily Look" on fondant toppers.

Scalloped edges punched out to make a pretty doily effect. I know it's out of season now, but the pretty doily effect on the edges of these scalloped fondant toppers, would totally look fantastic for any occasion, any time of year! It's really pretty simple and all you need is a scalloped edge circle cutter (I am pretty sure they have lovely oval and heart shaped ones now too) Cut out your shapes then get  a small circle piping tip and cut /punch out little circles along the scallop line. I find a good dusting of corn flour underneath helps prevent sticking as you go around the circle. Team it with a bright coloured next size up, plain circle underneath to really highlight the pretty punched out edge or leave them plain - either way they will look great. A simple yet awesome technique that will give your next edible toppers that extra wow factor! And they say a picture tells a thousand words so check it out!!  Cut and punch Packaged Cupcakes as Ch