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The Great Gatsby Cake

Hi Everyone I hope your holidays have been treating you well? Thought I would just quickly share my Great Gatsby themed cake with you all! I have had such a super crazy week and I madly put this cake together at the last minute. My original design was going to be a fair bit different but due to circumstances out of my control I had to quickly redesign it. I was upset my originally planned flowers and feathers didn't make it - OMGOSH!!  Never and I mean NEVER rush large flowers - they will just not dry in time!  Ooops! And they don't like to be moved before hand! Have a look at what didn't make it - I think my edible  wafer paper feathers came out awesome! I am super keen to make another cake using edible feathers and flowers in the future - but definitely at a less hectic time of year! What was not meant to be! I feel a bit disappointed that it didn't all work out as originally planned but my friend said she was happy so hopefully she really w