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How to Level and Torte a Cake Without Special Tools!

A few weeks back on Top Tip Friday I talked about how cold or partially frozen cakes are so much easier to cut with an ordinary bread knife. I don't own an Agbay, (I cannot justify the price since I do not bake for profit) so I make do with every day tools in the home bakers kitchen!  Now I did promise to give you more! And today I am finally coming through! There's a little trick I learnt off Wilton on how to level your cake. You know, sometimes the unavoidable happens and  Eeeek!  You have this dome shaped cake!  Now check this out! The first part of the video is what I am talking about! It's genius! Just use your cake pan as a guide to level it! If you don't want to watch the video here's a photo of how I level off the top of my cakes. It Really Does Work! So that's a fantastic tip right?  But what about torting? I said I don't use any special tools right? And that is correct. Ok so what you do need is some kitchen contai

Easy Gluten Free Christmas Cake Recipe!

Looking for a yummy and easy gluten free Christmas cake? Well look no further! My lovely friend Maria from Cairns based business Designed to Please, has generously shared her fabulous recipe with us today! Introducing...  Maria Tuoto Canton! Hi everyone!  I am very thankful for the opportunity to share my Gluten Free Boiled Fruit Cake recipe with you! My family consists of 5, with 4 Gluten Free members. Unlike many, eating Gluten Free wasn't a choice we made it was a medical decision. It is often difficult to find tasty Gluten Free recipes so when I do find one we like - I love to share it. I combined a few different Fruit Cake recipes to make this one work for me. I am all for simple, easy Gluten Free recipes, I hope you like this one as much as we do! Gluten Free Boiled Fruit Cake Ingredients: 2 x Packets of Mixed Fruit  1 pk glaced cherries  1 pk chopped almonds (if you like)  1/2 cup rum or any alcohol you prefer (if you don't want to use t