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Home Baker Fondant Review

One of the very first mysteries I like to unlock in my beginners workshops is Fondant. It's known in various parts of the world by many names depending on additives, including Gumpaste, Sugar paste, and Petal Paste. But over here in Far North Queensland Australia, I like to use the general name Fondant. I believe knowing what fondant is, where to buy it, and what to do with it are the 3 biggest mysteries to the average home baker and why it is my most popular workshop. There are several options from making your own, to supermarket  and baking supply stores and of course online. I usually cover the most common brands seen locally but if you have different brands in your local area feel free to add your comments below. After explaining where to buy fondant, I move on to Gel colours (brands names Wilton and Americolor) and what CMC/Tylose is used for. I will create another post on the different brands in the near future, but today we'll get back to reviewing that fondant.

Community Cake Decorating Classes - hobby prices for home bakers.

Local Cairns home bakers learning how to diy ♥ When I started my Cake Decor in Cairns facebook page and blog I had no idea how it was going to grow.  My plan was to simply share ideas, have a place for home bakers to show off their creations and have a small amount of affordable cake decorating tools available for local amateurs.  Largely this is still what I am doing but have also taken the ideas, tips and how to's offline and into the local Cairns Community! Earlier this year I was invited by a community Centre to host a couple of basic beginners classes. I was never intending to do anything like this but it started to make sense.  I love cake decorating,  I love showing people how to save money and do it themselves and I have always believed in equitable access. This invitation was the ideal environment to provide cheap diy hobby sessions at an affordable price. I make no secret that I am an amateur.  What you see is what you get. I don't sell my cakes, even