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Breast Cancer Awareness: Happy Birthday My Amazing Friend!

PINK : Not just the colour of a ribbon, a promise of hope.  Ladies please check your boobies and make sure sure you're celebrating your birthday next year. xx ♥ ♥ Breast Cancer Survival Birthday Cupcakes ♥

Cake Decor Cairns : Mango Cream Cheese Frosting / Icing Recipe

Mangoes pair so well with coconut. If you've been following my blog in any particular order you'll quickly realise that my concept of time can be a little off. For example when I say I will post tomorrow. ..this may actually mean sometime in the future when I have found a spare moment in between family life! Anyone who has young children could possibly relate, unless you're one of those super organised mums (which I am not!) So here I am on Tuesday night, my version of tomorrow from Sunday when I baked those sweet and moist coconut cakes.  As promised I will post the recipe for the Mango Cream Cheese icing. I ordered last Tuesday online from Nutrafresh ,  a variety of their fruit powders. I must admit I'm really excited about this and looking forward to testing the flavours and colours out.  My favourite part is that they are 100% natural!  I was also impressed on how quickly they arrived in my letter box. I used one 15gram packet of Mango powder in thi

Sweet & Moist, Egg free Coconut Cupcakes Recipe

Coconut is one of my favourite things... Cake Decor Cairns: Sweet & Moist Coconut Cake As I mentioned yesterday I had a yearning for a sweet & moist coconut recipe to pair with my mango cream cheese frosting. I failed on my first attempt using coconut flour , it tasted nothing like coconut!  So the search began, ploughing through recipe after recipe until I gave up and decided to make up my own version. I wanted something sweet, coconutty, moist and still have a cake crumble! (Not asking too much am I?) So my mind wondered to sweetened condensed milk and coconut jam drops.  From that I just sort of experimented using similar ingredients from a different moist cakes I have in my secret recipe files.  Sweet Moist Coconut Cupcakes with a good crumb. A few tips, these won't rise as much as an egg based cake so fill your cupcake pans higher that the traditional 3/4. As you can see with mine, they sunk a little and could've been avoided if I filled

Coconut Flour Cupcakes / Muffins

Cake Decor in Cairns test kitchen. The other day I stumbled on some lovely fruit powders made by Nutrafresh and in my excitement I decided that my first test would be mango cream cheese frosting for a coconut cake. I had heard about coconut flour so I thought this would be a great opportunity to use it.  I found a packet of Niulife Coconut flour at my local health food store. It sounds great,  gluten free, high fibre, low carb and packed with protein.  Niulife facebook page.    Coconut flour purchased in Cairns.  I had no idea what to do with it so the Google search began. I began to realise that it wasn't going to be easy to get good cake out of it, and probably best suited to muffins and breads. Coconut flour is very thirsty so you only need a small amount but you have to add a lot of eggs and other liquids to get a cakey muffin type result. It also doesn't have a strong coconut flavour which was disappointing for my wants (coconut cake) but good news for those

Cake blogger Learners Permit

It seems that my inexperienced blog writing skills have really been high lighted this past week! Whilst I seem to have facebook page running skills with P plates but am no where near an open license on Blogger just yet! So my apologies if you were looking for the mystery of the ping pong balls. I have embarked on a project where you make your own moulds. My current project is edible teacups using fondant and painted up pretty with luster dusts. So far I have only managed time yo create one wobbly cup which for those of you following me on facebook have probably already seen. So until I have time to get it right (school holidays always consumes  any me time) here is my practice one. And if you like, then come back when Australian schools are well into the 2nd week of term 2! My wobbly edible fondant teacup.  My second bloggers learners permit error was I thought I had uploaded my Easter Egg toppers... but alas I got that wrong and it too was sitting unpublished.  *embarrassed*