Media Release: CakesDecor Awards: Gravity Defying Cakes WINNERS!!

Do you remember me announcing the Gravity Defying Cakes Awards? Well there was an incredible 124 amazing entries submitted during the entry period!! Just like Michal, my absolute favourite cakes made it to the top 10!! And you know what? There were so many awesome cakes that deserved to win, it really was hard for everyone to cast their votes, but there can only be one winner and one runner up! (Right?!)

The absolutely exciting part for me was the difference between Winner and Runner-up by just 4 points! Yes that's right! FOUR points!!

So let's take a look at the 2 most amazingly awesome, fantastically outrageous, gravity defying entries...

I am so excited to announce that the winner of the CakesDecor Gravity Defying Cakes Awards is...

Drum Roll



Make Pretty Cakes!

For the Birds Cake by Make Pretty Cakes – 244 points

Gravity Defying Cake For the Birds Winner 2014

 CakesDecor Awards Winner

How flipping fantastic is Nina's cake?? It's so easy to see how her show stopping cake came out on top!! Excuse me a moment while I go look for my jaw that I dropped on the floor! WOW! 

Now, I gotta say that I am equally so supercalafragilistically excited ( yes I just made up a version of a made up word) to announce that the Runner Up winner of the CakesDecor Gravity Defying Cakes Awards is...

Drum Roll



JT Cakes!

Gravity Defying 2.0 by JT Cakes – 240 points

So um hello?!! I just picked up my jaw and then OMGOSH I fall off my chair looking at Jonathan's cake! How? HOW? I mean really? How does he do it? These awe inspiring gravity defying master pieces are becoming a signature of JT Cakes.
Haha and you know what? I told him today that each new cake of his, is making me pee my pants!!! I am that amazed!! (Ha ha yep I actually did say that to him!) But I mean come on this cake is absolutely fabulous and each cube is 100% cakey yumminess!! 

There were so many fantastic cakes submitted and even though I would love to show you them all, it just makes better sense if you go straight to CakesDecor and check them all out yourself! Hold on to your jaws! Trust me you are going to be blown away!

Before I sign off, I just want to give a humongous  thank you to for having me on-board as their Media Partner for this event!! I can't wait for next year's!!!

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