Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Top 5 Cake Sellers Week 2nd June 2014

This week we had a gorgeous variety of Cake Sellers sharing their fabulous cakes on the Cake Decor in Cairns Facebook wall.

Firstly I'd like to say thanks to all the wonderful sellers who visited and shared on Cake Seller Monday. It's lovely to have you as VIP guests on our lovely community of home bakers page. As a thank you for being so supportive I have placed a link back for ALL of your facebook pages.

I have a special plan for next week - you know how I like to change things around to keep it interesting. So watch this space!

Participating Global Cake Sellers this week:

Cake Decor in Cairns Top 5 Cake Sellers This Week.

We had 11 lovely sellers featured this week and it was extremely tough to choose the top five so I reached out to my facebook community to help me this week and they enthusiastically liked their favourites, helping me to narrow it down to five . So without any further ado here's our Top 5

Cuptastic Top 5 Cake Seller Monday on Cake Decor in Cairns
 Number 1. Cuptastics

Cuptastics received the most number of likes from our page members so it's only fitting that their very cheerful and colourful Smurfs inspired cake takes 1st place this week. 
One Tier at a Time Top 5 Cake Seller Monday on Cake Decor in Cairns

Number 2. One Tier At A Time 

Melanie from One Tier At A Time  wowed everyone with her stunning Ivory Rose Mini Cake, created using Modelling Chocolate. 

Cakeism Top 5 Cake Seller Monday on Cake Decor in Cairns

Number 3. Cakeism

Cakeism really got me excited with his fabulous dining room scene cake! I just love all the miniature details. I lot of time and effort has gone into the cake complete with edible floor boards and photo frames.

Ez. Toppers Top 5 Cake Seller Monday on Cake Decor in Cairns
Number 4. Ez. Toppers

Jessica from Ez. Toppers in South Africa totally wowed everyone with her mini sugar shoe heels! So tiny, so dainty, and so perfect!

Gails's Cakes Perth Top 5 Cake Seller Monday on Cake Decor in Cairns
Number 5. Gails Cakes

And last but definitely not least we have newly open for business Gail's Cakes from Perth Australia with her fantastic beer bottle in a crate cake.

Image Gallery: Top 5 Global Caker Sellers Week 2nd June 2014

Smurfs Cake Rainbow tiers Flowers buttons

Ivory White Modelling Chocolate Rose Cake
One Tier At A Time

Anniversary Dining Table Cake with Fondant  floors and walls

Ez. Toppers

Beer Bottle Cake in Crate
Gails Cakes

Thanks again to all the wonderful sellers who visited and shared on Cake Seller Monday. Hope to see you all come back soon.

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