Top 5 Cake Sellers Week ending June 29 2014

This week has been absolutely cRaZy for me on Cake Decor in Cairns! All the attention my coloured ganache recipe received, stole the show from the past fortnight top cake sellers featured on my facebook page.

We had a gorgeous variety of Cake Sellers sharing their fabulous cakes on the Cake Decor in Cairns Facebook wall.

Firstly I'd like to say thanks to all the wonderful sellers who visited and shared on Cake Seller Monday. It's lovely to have you as VIP guests on our lovely community of home bakers page. As a thank you for being so supportive I have placed a link back for ALL of your facebook pages. Now I am not going to make a habit of placing everyones linkbacks - you're just lucky that I have been phenomenally busy this week and feel it's only fair to show thanks for all your patience! 

Since I started inviting sellers to share on Monday I keep changing things around - but you know what I am like - got to keep things super interesting, and change is as good as a holiday. 

Participating Global Cake Sellers this week:

Why not pay them a visit and check out their fabulous creations!

Cake Decor in Cairns Top 5 Cake Sellers This Week.

We had 12 lovely sellers featured this past fortnight and it was extremely tough to choose the top five so as I am making a habit of doing,  I reached out to my facebook community to help me and they enthusiastically liked their favourites, helping me to narrow it down to my five . 

So without any further ado here's our Top 5 Cakes / Toppers...

Number 1. One Tier At a Time

Carnival Themed Cake. Circus, popcorn

One Tier at a Time received the most number of combined likes from our page members so it's only fitting that her Carnival inspired cake takes 1st place this week. I am so wrapped in this cake! Those awesome little pieces of popcorn are all handmade from fondant! 
Wow factor!! 

Number 2. Sal's Cupcakes 

Spiderman, Batman, Superman and The Hulk all in one cake!Sal's Cupcakes blew everyone away with this superhero stack cake! Spiderman, Batman, Superman and The Hulk all in one cake! I tell you this would be my son's ultimate cake!

Number 3. EZ Toppers

Edible Jewelry Fondant Gumpaste Bracelet Earrings Cake Topper
EZ. Topperz. has totally left  me jaw hanging recently and by the combined likes of her shares on facebook, Jessica as easily earned a well deserved spot in the Top 5. I am still in awe of this edible jewellery! It looks so perfectly real and we are all loving EZ. Topperz patience and dedication in making these amazeballs toppers. (yes I just said amazeballs - I know! But this is how flubbery my brain is going thinking about how to actually make them!!! )

Number 4. Yeyet Bakes

Lalaloopsy Cake Fondant Doll Topper Play house Sew BuntingEeeek! I totally got excited when I saw Yeyet's Lalaloopsy Playhouse cake and fondant doll topper! It looks so real, and my daughter would love to get her hands on this sew cute creations! (Do you like what I did there - only Lalaloopsy fans would understand)

Number 5. Sweet Celebrations

Designer Handbag Coach Purse Cake
And last but definitely not least we had a lot of likes on Sweet Celebrations, LLC Coach purse. I can see a lot of work has going into creating this Handbag cake, everything from the print to the detail in the accessories! Just lovely.

Image Gallery: Top 5 Global Caker Sellers Week ending: 29th June 2014

Carnival Themed Cake. Circus, fondant  popcorn
One Tier At A Time

Spiderman, Batman, Superman and The Hulk all in one cake!
Sal's Cupcakes

Edible Jewelry Fondant Gumpaste Bracelet Earrings Cake Topper
Ez. Topperz

Lalaloopsy Cake Fondant Doll Topper Play house Sew Bunting
Yeyet Bakes

Designer Handbag Coach Purse Cake
Sweet Celebrations LLC

Thanks again to all the wonderful sellers who visited and shared on Cake Seller Monday. Hope to see you all come back soon.

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