Cake Wars: The Ugly side to Cake Decorating.

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I stumbled upon this post in my Facebook newsfeed about the bad reputation the cake world has.  "Oh The Joys of The Cake World..."Posted by Chrissie Boon on May 28, 2014. And I found myself agreeing with every word.

It's unfortunate but true the cake decorating world is just like any area of life. We are all susceptible to being bullied, judged and gossiped about. Often there is also an element of tall poppy syndrome, by where those who do well are not celebrated and are taken down with harsh criticism and negative gossiping. On the other hand there are those who let their own insecurities get the better of them and they become jealous, negatively competitive and paranoid of what others think of them - so to soothe the anxiety this causes they then turn on others to make themselves feel better.

Chrissie writes:
"The cake world has gotten a bad rap for being a catty place to be. It is things like this that make this an unfortunate truth. The cake world can be very catty. But it doesn't have to be. These pages have a great opportunity to be used for exactly what they were created for; to learn, encourage and build up our fellow cake decorators."

I really loved reading this. Not because I am happy we have cattiness and bullying, but because someone was prepared to stand up and say "It's not ok!" We need more people in the world like Chrissie who are not afraid to stand up for what's right. 

I am not a cake seller, but I am aware of all of these types of negativity discussed in Chrissie's blog post. Heck in the past, I've been drawn into it mildly by other negative and insecure people myself. (I am sure we all have in some part of our lives) But my New Years Resolution was to not lower myself to that level ever again! 

I am so loving 2014, and so far I have surrounded myself with positive, secure and very supportive caker friends as well as kind and caring family and friends in my every day life. And you know what? It actually feels really really good!

Girls Compete With Each Other Women Empower One and Other. say no to Cake Decorating Haters.

You know the saying rings true, "You become the Company you Keep!" And I am definitely thankful that I am in great Company!
It is actually really empowering to endeavor to show kindness and compassion to others. It feels good, it makes others feel good and life really does just get to be a nicer place to live in when we stand up together and say no to bullying.

This philosophy extends to my blog and my popular facebook page. I am conscious of making sure everyone feels welcome. Beginners to enthusiastic hobbiests to absolute international cake stars. Everyone is welcome, no one is judged and together we have made a genuine close knit caker community that supports, inspires and motivates each other to enjoy the art of cake decorating.  (And eating hee hee) Spread that cakey love! ♡

What are you doing to keep the positive sugar spirit alive?

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*This post is relevant to everyone, not just Cakes. Negativity, put downs, gossiping happen everywhere - but you can say NO and Be Kind, Be Compassionate and a be a Better person. If the company you keep spend most of their time gossiping and putting down others, perhaps it's time to find some new ones. (you can be sure as night and day they are doing it to you behind your back also.) 

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